Looking for tips to break into Golf Clash Master level?

Well, we have summarized many tips which can help you reach the Master level in Golf Clash.

As you know, Master level is the ultimate pinnacle of Golf Clash which every player wants to achieve in their golf Carrier.

You can reach the Pro level easily when you start your carrier in Golf Clash, but to reach the master level, it will take some effort and some tips.

So, let’s begin to check what are the special Golf Clash Cheats to break into the master level in Golf Clash game.

05 Awesome methods to break into a master level in Golf Clash

Tip 1 # Know your Golf Club

When every you are starting your Golf Clash journey, you will be given default Golf Club. The default Golf Club has no attributes and will not help you in any Tournaments.

To clear any tournaments, you need to purchase a new Golf Club and also need to upgrade it to top the tournaments.

There are 07 types of Golf Club in Golf Clash which you need to know before making any decision to play a shot. All these Golf Clubs need to use according to the situation and should be correctly used to get maximum output form the shot.

List of Golf Clubs and their Tops Clubs are given below

Driver best (the Apocalypse)
Wood Best (The Cataclysm)
Long Iron best (the B52)
Short Iron best (the Hornet)
Wedge best (the EndBringer)
Rough Iron best (Nirvana)
Sand Wedge              best (Spitfire)

Tip 2 # Keep on Upgrading your Golf Club

Do not rely on your default Golf Club; you need to keep on upgrading our Golf Club to be in the competition.

Whenever you are gearing up for new Tour or competition, make sure you have a new pair of Golf Club which is upgraded and has many attributes.

You will also notice that every player who is in the top league has made their Golf Club fully upgrade. So, do not fall behind and keep on upgrading the golf Club to avoid any mishap.

Pay attention to these Golf Clubs attributes before you want to upgrade them

  • Power
  • Accuracy
  • Top Spin
  • Back Spin
  • Curl
  • Ball Guide

Tip 3 # pay attention to your Golf ball

If you are looking to break into the Master league in Golf Clash, then you need to look into the Golf ball you are playing.

Not all golf balls are similar, and your basic ball will not get your past Tour 5. You need to purchase good balls soon after you reach Tournament 5.

You can check the Quasars and Navigators Golf Balls in Tour 5, but these are also not enough to get you into a master level.

For master level in Golf Clash, you need to purchase

  • King Maker X
  • Champions Gold
  • Gridiron
  • Autumn
  • Dead

Depending on the OP Needle speed, the value of any golf ball is decided, the slower the value, the more spins or better output you can expect.

If you need to succeed in the Golf Clash Master level, then you need to invest in good Golf ball.

Tip 4 # Perfect your Timing of Shot

Golf Clash is a game of practice and perfection with the swing of golf Club. You need to perfect your timing to get the perfect shot.

In the beginning, you need to spend time to perfect the needle and the bull’s eye combination to get perfect shot.

Remember, when you get a new and good golf club, your timing will also increase as this upgraded Golf Club has many attributes which help in ball glide.

So, keep on perfecting your Golf Clash shot and get the perfect bull eye in the game.

Tip 5 # Perfect your Putt

One of the difficult situations arises when your ball reaches near the hole. In this time suddenly the game control gets change, and players get panic.

All your game control, which was showing your bull eye changes to the path of light. You need to concentrate on the wind and distance between your ball and hole to get the perfect shot.

Now, need to make sure the path of light gets align with the hole, and you also need to check the power you will put on the golf ball to guide.

Before taking any shot in the putt, just hold down your ball and check with different power adjustment to get the power of light got to align with a hole.

Never give full power in that last-minute of the putt as it will take the ball away from the hole. Keep on practicing the Putt shot and master it as this will help you achieve the master level.   

Final words

So, these are the best Golf Clash 05 tips and tricks by using which you can break into a master level in Golf Clash.