Welcome to the world of Viking adventure where you need to plunder enemy village to gain coins and building your own village. One of the best website available online is Coin Master who never bore you and your kids. This game success inspired many games which also become famous using the same principle of Coin Master.

Are you looking for legit Coin Master Cheats for free spins in 2020?

Moon Active is the Game Developer for Coin Master which is available for iOS and Android platform and has more than 10 Million installs from Google Play Store itself. After getting success in Mobile platform Coin Master is now available in Facebook Games, you can now enjoy Coin Master using your Facebook account.

Why is Coin Master Famous?

Coin Master is famous for its unique game items and its playability; Coin Master has unique Slot Machine style spin which decides every move of yours. If you are lucky in the slot machine, you will get a pig face, which will enable you to attack Coin Master village which is like hitting the jackpot.

How many items do we get from Coin Master Slot Machine?

We can get four different types of game items from Coin Master Slot machine, which has got some unique features associated with them. You can check these from Coin Master Slot Machine:

  1. Free Coins: this is the default items which you can get when you use a coin master slot machine. You can get these free coins when you did not receive any other game items in the slot machine, these the default item which you will get from the slot machine.
  2. Hammer: Hammer is used to attacking other people village and to get some coins in this process. You can choose spots in the village to attack and get some coins. These are also used to get revenge when any of your friends or enemy plunder your village and get some coins.
  3. Shields: these are the great items which help you to stop any attack on your village. The shield can be used only one time, and after that, it will get vanish protecting your village in the process. You need to cater for many shields to protect your village and coins you possess.
  4. Pig Face: these are very tough to get in a slot machine, consider yourself lucky if you get one. Pig Face is the main items which every gamer is gunning for and will give you the power to attack Coin Master village. Choose the spot cleverly and hit, you will receive thousands of coins after a successful attack.

Is there any Coin Master Cheats to get free spins?

Yes, there are many proven legit methods which you can employ to get Coin master coins. You can call them to coin master cheats or coin master glitch which will help you free coin master coins.

Coin Master cheats #1 Change the Smartphone time and get Coins

You can get free Spins when you change the smartphone time and log into your game account. You need to follow these steps to gain free spins

  • Log out from Coin Master account from your smartphone
  • Now set one-day forward date and time in your Smartphone
  • Log into your Coin Master game
  • Get all the free spin available there
  • Use them and log out form the coin master game
  • Now Change the Smartphone actual time and date again
  • Log in again in the coin master account and enjoy the game

Coin Master Cheats #2 Connect your Facebook account & Get Bonus

If you are connecting Coin Master account with Facebook, then you will receive these bonus

  • 50 free coin Master Spins
  • 100k free Coin Master coin (one-time offer only)
  • You progress will be recorded and will be shown to your online friends
  • Exchange with your friends for free cards
  • Check progress in leaderboards

Coin Master cheats #3 Check Social media page for Coin Master Cards to exchange

There are few Social media platform where you can check or exchange or bargain for any cards which are missing in your collection. These will help you out to fulfill your card collection and will give you a huge bonus like free spin or coins. You can check these Facebook fan page or official Coin Master page where people used to trade or exchange coin master Gold Cards.

Coin master cheats #4 Get 250 Free Spin using this method

You can use this coin master glitch and get 250 free spins without paying any money. Please follow these steps to get 250 free spins in your coins master account.

  • Connect your Coin Master account with Facebook
  • Now use all your spin present in your account
  • Now uninstall Coin Master game
  • Install coin maser game from this link << Get Coin Master >>
  • Now connect coin master with your Facebook id
  • Check you Coin Maser account will have 250 free spin

Final words

So, if you are looking for some Coin master free spin or coins or coin master glitch, then you can use our methods given in this article. We encourage you all to use the last method which will give you 250 spin without any problem.