If you name one game platform which is the first favorite game stop for kids, then it must be Roblox games. Roblox is a gaming platform where people imagination takes shape, where everyone can create their virtual world and invite other people to venture their created virtual world.

If you are Playing Roblox games, then you will know that there are many Games which are quite addictive and fascinating. You can earn free Robux playing games or spend real money to get new items or game accessory.

If you are playing Roblox then you might be having some favorite among those games, we have hand-picked some of the Best Roblox Games which can enjoy playing. These are as follows

  • Work at Pizza Place
  • Natural Disaster Survival
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2
  • Jailbreak
  • Granny

05 Best Roblox Game

We all love to play Roblox games, but some game reached iconic status and you should be ready to play these games. So, let check out these games which are creating ripple around the world

  1. Work Pizza Place

The first destination for Roblox game should be “Work Pizza Place,” you should check out this role-playing game which will give you Robux for playing this game.

Work pizza place roblox

You can join any role in this game, and you will learn that role within minutes. Some of the roles which Pizza place offers are as follows

  • Cashier
  • Pizza Chef
  • Delivery boy
  • Pizza Boxer boy (who packs pizza in different boxes)

You can choose any role-playing character in this game and learn that within minutes. You can earn money playing these games. Each character has different job specification, and they have different paychecks. You can earn money by performing different jobs in Pizza Parlor. With that money earn you can buy a house, furniture, and other game items to make your life better for your game character.

  1. Natural Disaster Survival

This game has more than one million active upvotes from Roblox players and is the most popular game under this category.

Natural Disaster Survival Roblox

Natural Disaster Survival game teaches how to reach when you have one natural disaster; they have created their game around for providing awareness and learning. If you are playing this game, then you will encounter a natural disaster such as

  • Volcanos
  • Floods
  • Hurricane
  • Earthquake
  • Fire

You need to survive these natural disasters and save your friends from this disaster by taking quick action.

  1. Theme Park Tycoon 2

So, you want to go to Park for playing in Roller-coaster, or merry go round, why not build your self and give other people to play in your world. You can play this addictive game for all types of rides and fun activity.

Theme Park Tycoon 2 Roblox

Satisfy your child among you and get theme park Tycoon 2 install in your system. You will be given with a plot in the game where you can develop your dream park which can be accessed by other people.

We highly recommend you play this game and spend some quality time with your online friends.

  1. Jailbreak

One of the fast-paced game which become the iconic game of Roblox, inspired by the jailbreak serial, this game is fast pace which requires skill, concentration and some luck to do the jailbreak.

Jailbreak roblox

Jailbreak has two role-playing characters for Roblox players.

  • The Officer Role
  • The Prisoner Role

The Officer Role

If you opt to play this Role, then you need to have your mind open and sharp every time you hear any siren or alarm. You will be informed by notification at the bottom of your screen for any robbery is going on. There are four type of Robbery which can take place in Jailbreak game; they are as follows

  • At bank
  • At Jewelry Shop
  • Doughnut Shop
  • Gas Station

Be ready to attest those prisoners or to kill them, as they are free to kill your anytime if they find you.

The Prisoner Role

The most exciting role in Jailbreak is the Prisoner Role where you need to have a keycard to do any robbery. You and your friends who are on the team need to maintain a good bond to do any robbery. For doing any robbery, you need to have a keycard for that place, like for bank robbery you need keycard of the bank. So, you can take out that keycard from bank guard back by holding ‘E’ to pickpocket him from the backside, or you can kill any cop or guard to take keycard.

  1. Granny

This is the replica of the famous game called Granny from Android and iOS platform. It becomes quite hit in those platforms, and now it is creating ripple around the Roblox game center.

Granny Roblox

Granny game requires you to find the key which will help you leave the evil house; the fun lies with these facts that granny cannot see you. She can only hear your steps and then she will pounce on you with one stick. This game is so horrific that young kids stop playing this game when they hear “ I can see you.”

This game is quite fun as you can call Granny in a different location and hide in a closet where she cannot come. You need to find keys which will enable you to get out of the house.

Final words

We have summarized the top 5 Best games of Roblox, but we need to hear from you, what you think are the top 5 Roblox games. Just comment below and give you a list of top 5 Roblox games.